Nightingale for "Life"

Without a doubt, stationeries do have a life! Come to think of it, ever experienced a favourite lucky pen(s) or fancy notebook (but never had the heart to write on it) or a gifted diary that has stayed through your thick and thin? Yes! We are talking about that "sentiment" connecting and binding us!

Are you among one, confused between homonyms ‘stationary’ and ‘stationery’? Ironically, the term ‘stationery‘is said to have evolved from stationer selling education and office supplies outside universities and railway stations. (Reminded of the shops on rail platforms that sell magazines and newspapers? And our teeny-weeny conflict to grab our favourite weekly, overpowering the fear of missing the train? Been there, Us too!)

Nightingale Stationery will be your one-stop solution. Sounds overbearing? Try us!
With extensive collections from diaries to notebooks, coffee journals to recipe books, artist pads to canvas boards and autograph books, we have it all in “high-quality”. Test us (If you can)!

Here's a glimpse of our Nightingale 2021 diary collection!

Personal Diaries

With a legacy of over five decades, we are home to diaries with aesthetics and exemplary textures and designs, which essentially makes you feel cosy to schedule, organise, budget, or write your diets, sleep logs, gardening journal, or travel documentation. (Nothing like writing it!)

Corporate Diaries

Some articles of possession are part and parcel of your personality projection. Just as you, present yourself in business attire, Rolex, MacBook Pro or iPad Pro during conferences or meetings. (You'd all agree with the difference it makes!) Our Corporate Diaries mark a symbol of high self-esteem wherever you go, as sometimes, all we need is the extra push.

Vintage Edition

As quirky and bohemian we have evolved, we crave for our legacy and tradition. Our Library Edition enables you to "experience" the past through its antique touch and feel, and, of course, to preserve engravings for longer periods. For Gen Z, it's time to experiment vintage effect!