The Bhagavad Gita - Signature Edition


* Crafted with the world's most precious eco-friendly materials.

* This special edition is printed on acid free paper to last for many years.

* The entire edition is printed with environment friendly vegetable inks made of natural ingredients.

* This Edition comes to you in a most exclusive antique book styled box with artistic foiling and embossing.

* The golden gilded fore-edges of this premium edition embellish its jewel adorned cover.

* To enrich the reading experience the wooden reading stand designed and crafted with exquisite craftsmanship is truly a masterpiece.

* The stand can be folded and rotated to suit one's reading comfort and it rests on smoothly.

* The English and Hindi translations of the original shlokas are neutral and lucid.

* More than 150 paintings of this book are the works of the renowned artist Sri. G.L.N. Simha.

* All the paintings are done as per Chitra Sutra of Vishnudarmottara Purana which dwells on guidelines for divine paintings.

* The metal bookmarker has a beautiful peacock feather design engraved on it with a tassel.