Art Cover-C-A5

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The linen laminated covered Nightingale 2023 Art Cover Diaries series have the charm of their own. Elegant and neat linen laminated covers of Nightingale 2023 Art Cover Diaries is equally functional and motivational.

DIARY 2023

Size: A5 (147x206mm)
No. of Pages:336
Layout:Single date per page | Saturday and Sunday on Single page |
Finish:Hard bound
GSM:68 gsm
Special features:Foil stamped, satin page marker, round back, creative single color inner pages, inspiring quotes on every spread pages

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Nightingale Diary 2023 | Art cover

Art Cover series comes with its own exquisite set of art elements that functionality and artistry in alignment. The cover comes with linen lamination giving it an elegant finish. The diaries come with inspiring quotes that provide get thrust to achieve an exemplary level of perfection. On-Demand personalization for gifting is possible with various branding element included on the product.

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