Diary 2020

Our Diary collection of 2020 has an array of stunning designs, elegant textures, soothing aesthetics, mesmerising intricacies and all of this at an affordable cost. Best of it, these diaries can be tailor made to your needs, be it your company logo, name or additional pages to propagate your company profile or to value add on your corporate gifts.

Come, explore and transcend on an amazing journey of auditing your memories and awaken your new love for diaries..


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    1. Corduroy Diary 20201
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  1. Corduroy-Green-A5

    The textured corduroy cover has an elegant feel with easy functionality from the repository of Nightingale Diaries. From the repository of Nightingale Diaries comes the textured corduroy covers with easy functionality and limited colour range.

    1. Size: A5 (147x206mm)
    2. No. of Pages: 368
    3. Dated: Single date per page
    4. Cover: Textured material
    5. Paper: Cream shade paper
    6. GSM: 75 gsm
    7. Special features: Foil stamped, square back, creative two color inner pages, satin page marker

  2. Regalia-Green-Exe

    Get comfortable with the regal feels of Nightingale 2020 Regalia Diaries that comes with splendid functionality for daily use. Nightingale’s Regalia series comes in royal colours and ease of functionality to plan your notes for the day.

    1. Size: Exe (172x240mm)
    2. No. of Pages: 368
    3. Dated: Single date per page
    4. Finish: Hard bound
    5. Paper: Cream shade paper
    6. GSM: 75 gsm
    7. Special features: Foil stamped, satin page marker, round cornered, creative single color inner pages

  3. Chronicles of your visions recorded with care on the Visicron series of Diaries from the House of Nightingale. Get the personalized vision tracker for the year 2020 from Nightingale’s Visicron series

    1. Size: Exe (172x240mm)
    2. No. of Pages: 336
    3. Dated: Single date per page
    4. Finish: Hard bound
    5. Paper: Cream shade paper
    6. GSM: 70 gsm
    7. Special features: Foil stamped, round back, corner clips, creative two color inner pages

3 Items results

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