Being Asia’s Finest Print and Book Technology House with a legacy of over five decades, Nightingale Store is adept in manufacturing an array of paper products with stunning designs, elegant textures, soothing aesthetics, mesmerising intricacies at affordable pricing.
Sourced from FSC ®-certified forest resources, the exquisite paper pulp is treated to pure excellence by sophisticatedly carved advanced machinery from world leaders.


Guided Customisation

Etch your brand in people’s mind through our already existing premium products and make your gifts most memorable!
With our guided customisation, pick and choose the best-selling paper products from our wide range of pre-customised options!

Name, Logo, and Images

The name, logo, and images of your organisation can be printed or embossed on the front cover of our products. Additionally, we also have high-quality gold/silver foiling and multi-colour printing on the front cover with a premium finish. This can be used for individual names, brand, logos, and addresses.

Inserts Our customised diaries also present an opportunity for strategically placing advertisements within the diary pages, giving you a chance to promote your services to a captive audience.

Iterative Personalisation

Make your personal touch bloom in the hearts of people. With sophisticated machinery, a complete personalised paper product is achievable! You Name it, we’ve got it! You can choose the quality/type of materials you want, then choose the required specification and finally, your design.