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Our scriptures state that the offering of spiritual
wisdom is superior to any material offering.

The Bhagavad Gita, the eternal spritual wisdom of India, is brought to you from the esteemed House of Nightingale for the first time in all its splendor as an art edition. The philosophies and insights of the Bhagavad Gita transcend all religions and reach out to humanity as a whole by virtue of their sheer relevance at all times. It is regarded as the world's most ancient sacred scripture available to mankind from time immemorial.

In the Gita verses 1 & 2 of chapter 4 the Lord himself has declared that "I taught this Imperishable science of Yoga to Vivasvan, the Sun God, who taught it to his son Manu; and King Manu in turn taught it to his son Ikshvaku. Thus, the royal sages received this knowledge that was handed down to them in continuous succession. But with the passage of time, this knowledge has been lost to the world". It was reinitiated to Arjuna 5140 years back. Based on modern scientific calculations supported by the ancient scriptures it can be authentically said that the Bhagavad Gita was spoken by the Lord to Vivasvan (Sun God) 1 billion, 971 million, 828 thousand 568 earthly years ago.

There were innumerable editions of Bhagavad Gita with commentaries of various scholars. Each represents a particular school of thought. In this marvellous edition we have just presented the translation alone for all slokas as represented by the various Schools of thoughts in which the major ones include *Advaita, *Visishtadvaita and *Dvaita.




To enrich the reading experience the wooden reading stand designed and crafted with exquisite craftsmanship is truly a masterpiece. The stand can be folded and rotated to suit one's reading comfort and it rests on smoothly carved metal legs.




This Edition comes to you in a most exclusive antique book styled box with artistic foiling and embossing adorned with Swarovski crystals and attractive metal lock in either Wood grain or Crimson option.




This masterpiece has been crafted with the world's most precious eco-friendly materials. To preserve for generations, this special edition is printed on the finest paper sourced from the Sustainable European forests which is FSC® certified and acid free. The entire edition is printed with environment friendly vegetable inks made of natural ingredients from Japan. The golden gilded fore-edges and the metal corners of this premium edition add a touch of class.




The laser cut metal bookmarker has a beautiful peacock feather design engraved on it with a tassel.



There are more than 150 paintings in this book which are the works of the renowned artist Sri. G.L.N. Simha whose painting tradition originates from the Vijayanagar Kingdom.  All the paintings are done as per Chitra Sutra of  Vishnudarmottara Purana which dwells on guidelines for divine paintings.