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The Guru Gita A6 (156X114MM)

Hymn on the glory and the greatness of the Guru

Know more about the Guru - the preceptor, the incarnation of the supreme who lifts man from the ocean of endless miseries, and leads him on the right path - the path towards self-realization. Compiled by Maharishi Vyasa, the Guru Gita is a part of the Skanda-Purana that expounds on the greatness of the Guru as well as the ways and means to worship and serve him with utmost devotion.

The rich mural artworks, the finest paper sourced from the sustainable European forests, the golden-gilded fore-edges and metal corners and the most premium cloth cover adorned with exquisite work of art and Swarovski crystals will delight the readers and leave a lasting impression in their minds.

This precious art edition book with lots of colorful illustrations contains the original sanksrit verses, their english transliteration and both the english and hindi translations in an articulate manner.  A cute metal book mark comes with the book.

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