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Sundara Kanda - Wooden Altar KIT

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The Gift set comes with very unique and exclusive combination of a Wooden altar gift box made out of solid walnut and maple woods with antique style lock, A6 Size Sundara Kanda book with a Metal Book Marker, a liquid Perfume, a mini Sloka book with a wooden finish, sacred Ganga water, a copper Udarni & a pack of handmade Incense sticks.
1. Gift Box: Wooden altar gift box made out of solid walnut and maple woods.
2. A6 Size Reading Book: The Sundara Kanda book with the transliterations in English and translations are available in English and Hindi in a handy size edition
3. Udarni: Made of Pure Copper.
4. Ganga Jalam: This sacred ganga water has been directly sourced from Aungi, Gangotri valley, Uttarkashi duly licensed and approved by the Uttarakhand Government.
5. Incense Sticks: packs of handmade Incense sticks with Jasmine fragrance
6. Perfume: Liquid perfume with Jasmine fragrance
7. Sloka book: mini wooden Sloka book - Sanksepa - Sundara Kanda

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Sundara-kanda is the 5th Canto of Ramayana (24000 verses) composed by Valmiki. 2800 Sanskrit Shlokas of Sundara Kanda describes the journey of Lord Hanuman to Lanka to find Sita, consort of Lord Rama.
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